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Ann D.

Ann D. got a response from Marguerite D.

I am experiencing a spotting for 12 days already. I tried some pregnancy test and the result is negative. could you tell me what could it be?

Marguerite D. offers local services in Health and Fitness category with products or work including: Nutritionist. This professional's skills are: Coaching, Cooking tips, Counseling, Crea, Creates plans for you, Listening, Private sessions, Weight loss planning, Well-being, Wellness routine. In Queens, NY

Marguerite D.

Queens, NY

Coaching Cooking tips Counseling Crea Creates plans for you Listening

Hi Ann, I'd be happy to help! It could be due to a number of things ranging from, hormonal imbalances to dietary sensitivities, vitamin or mineral depletion, or even trauma. But you'd have to look into it further for an answer. I couldn't say what it is just from that one symptom and I wouldn't want to steer you wrong. I would however like to invite you to do a free health history consultation with me where we can explore what might be causing this and scope out some problem areas. Let me know i...

Dariusz T.

Dariusz T. joined Proper Guild


   I have been a photographer since I was 16 years old and I have always been passionate about capturing unique and exceptional images that are meant to be a stunning reminder of those brief  moments that you want  to last forever.                                       Providing professional photography services for weddings as well as life changing events with detail oriented imagery in portraiture. Not only anticipating moment as they about to happen I...

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Tiffany O. offers local services in Health and Fitness category with products or work including: Nutritionist. This professional's skills are: Baking, Clinical nutrition, Cooking, Dancer, Powerlifting, Reliable, Sports nutrition, Time Management. In The Bronx, NY

Tiffany O. joined Proper Guild

Registered Dietitian

I am passionate about helping active individuals feel confident with their eating habits. I provide evidence based nutrition information to my clients so that they can make long lasting and positive changes that will stick. I am also a Clinical Dietitian working with a geriatric population which helps me understand nutrition for many different disease states and conditions.

Clinical nutrition
Sports nutrition
Time Management

Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Sports nutritionist nyc (1 hour)


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Megan C. offers local services in All other category with products or work including: Other services. This professional's skills are: Advanced lessons, Beginner lesson, Bilingual (Spanish), Business consulting, Business development, Business plans, Career development, Career exploration, Coaching, College advisement, Communication skills, Compassionate, Conflict management,, Consultation, Contract negotiation, Cover Letter Writing, Critical thinking, Cultural responsponsiveness, Customer service, Essay and writing tutor, Graduate & phd college advisem, Health, Interpersonal relationships, Job search, Mentoring, Mock interviews, Networking, Nurse practitioner, Nursing, Nursing school advisement, Nursing test prep, Patience, Professional bio, Professional development, Professionalism, Registered nurse, Resume Writing, Teaching, Teamwork, Test prep, Test taking tips & strategies, Time Management, Tutoring. In New York, NY

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Nursing Career Coach and Advisor

I have over 10 years of experience in the nursing field. I started as an RN, then became a Nurse Practitioner, and now I have my Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) which is a terminal degree for nurses, and focuses on Quality Improvement and research in the nursing field. I have worked in almost all settings including inpatient, outpatient, long term care, education, and home health. I often consult prospective and current nurses regarding their careers or college inquiries. I help hopeful nurs...

Advanced lessons
Beginner lesson
Bilingual (Spanish)
Business consulting
Business development
Business plans
Career development
Career exploration

All other/Other services/Mentoring/coaching sessions (1 hour)


All other/Other services/Resume writing (1 hour)


All other/Other services/College admissions coach & writing tutor (1 hour)


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Maggie G. offers local services in Health and Fitness category with products or work including: Nutritionist. This professional's skills are: Adult education, Allergies, Children and adolescents, Chronic di, Cooking classes, Empathy, patience, grit, resilience, creativity, problem-solving, punctuality, dependability, Gardening, Innovation, Meal planning, Mindfullness, Motivational interviewing, Weight management, Writing. In Central Point, OR

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Nutrition & Wellness Provider

At Blue Dragonfly Nutrition + Wellness, we offer compassionate Medical Nutrition Therapy to address your unique health needs. Meet with a Registered Dietitian - Virtually or In Person (Southern Oregon). During your initial appointment, we will begin our journey by first diving deep into your concerns, questions, goals, and quality of life vision. Then, we will do a comprehensive assessment – looking at diverse factors that influence your health outcomes and risk – and develop your pers...

Adult education
Children and adolescents
Chronic di
Cooking classes
Empathy, patience, grit, resilience, creativity, problem-solving, punctuality, dependability
Meal planning

Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Personalized nutrition counseling (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Create meal plans and teach nutrition and wellness. (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Workplace wellness (1 hour)


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Amy D. offers local services in All other category with products or work including: Other services. This professional's skills are: Active listening, Canva, Consulting, Copy-editing, Development, Elearning course creation, Empathy, Goal creation, Organizing, Planning, Problem solving, Promotion, Research, Training. In Council Bluffs, IA

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Professional Coach & Mentor - 10 years experience

If you are looking for direction or would like assistance reaching new goals. I can establish a respectful working relationship and safe environment to discuss your needs and develop a plan for success! I am a huge advocate for happiness and being content with yourself first before you can be happy in other parts of your life, so expect this to be incorporated into our meetings. I primarily work as a career or grief coach. I also consult with clients looking to create an eLearning course for...

Active listening
Elearning course creation
Goal creation

All other/Other services/Career coaching (1 hour)


All other/Other services/Elearning course development (1 hour)


All other/Other services/Elearning consulting (1 hour)


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Emilie D. offers local services in Health and Fitness category with products or work including: Nutritionist, Fitness trainer. This professional's skills are: Fitness trainer, Health coach, Menu planning, Nutrition training, Weight management. In  NJ

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Health and wellness coach/nutrition specialist

7 year experienced health professional able to help those needing health plans and dietary guidelines to improve their day to day life.

Fitness trainer
Health coach
Menu planning
Nutrition training
Weight management

Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/1 month program (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Fitness trainer/Training help (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Fitness trainer/Meal planning (1 hour)


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Audra R. offers local services in Personal development, Health and Fitness categories with products or work including: Coaching, Nutritionist. This professional's skills are: Active listening, Cooking tips, Empathy, Goal creation, Nutrition, Supports needs. In  AZ

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Health Consultant specializing in anti inflammatory nutrition

I’m an integrated nutrition coach with a specialization in anti inflammatory eating and meal planning.

Active listening
Cooking tips
Goal creation
Supports needs

Personal development/Coaching/Total wellness (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/ (1 hour)


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Lisa C. offers local services in All other category with products or work including: Other services. This professional's skills are: Behavioral change, weight loss, Lifestyle coaching, Weight loss planning. In  CT

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Life Coach & Health Coach - I will help you create the life you want to live

I am a professional, certified coach that helps people change their lives to create the life they want to live. I work with clients over the phone and by zoom or facetime. My client's ages range from 21 to 101. They come from all walks of life. If you feel that you want to change to become happier and healthier, call me. I am confident that I will help you to change your behavior to live a happier and healthier life. Let's get started!

Behavioral change, weight loss
Lifestyle coaching
Weight loss planning

All other/Other services/Weight loss, behavioral change, life coaching (1 hour)


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Andy A.

Andy A. asked a new question

I've completed my 12th grade. Can i get a guidance on what course should i take ?

Erika L. offers local services in Health and Fitness category with products or work including: Nutritionist. This professional's skills are: Grocery tips, Health & wellness, Health coach, Healthy living, Holistic, Individualism, Nutrion, Well-being, Wellness coaching, Yoga. In San Francisco, CA

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Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

I'm a holistic health and wellness coach in the Bay Area of California and beyond. My passion to help others maintain balance in life stems from the many years spent finding my own way and healing my body through holistic practices with anything from nutrition, exercise, herbal remedies and mindfulness. My approach as a supportive mentor allows for the development of sustainable habits individual to your unique self and bioindividuality by looking at every aspect of wellness through a lens of pr...

Grocery tips
Health & wellness
Health coach
Healthy living
Wellness coaching

Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Holistic health coaching (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Grocery store tours (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Individual wellness coaching (1 hour)


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Pedro R. offers local services in Health and Fitness category with products or work including: Fitness trainer, Nutritionist. This professional's skills are: Adaptable, Athlete, Coaching, Communicative, Goal creation, Mobility/stretching, Muscle building, Programming, Stability training, Strength and conditioning, Strength training, Weight loss, Weight training. In Laredo, TX

Pedro R. joined Proper Guild

Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I always build a connection with my clients. I like to get to know my client to best assess what they need to achieve their goals. I will make everything personalized to you. As a personal trainer, I specialize in muscle gain, fat loss, and athletic performance. As a nutrition coach, I specialize in building habits that make you succeed. I am able to give you meal plans, but I believe building actual habits makes the long-term difference. I...

Goal creation
Muscle building
Stability training

Health and Fitness/Fitness trainer/Online training (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Nutritionist/Nutrition coaching (1 hour)


Health and Fitness/Fitness trainer/Nutrition & weight training (1 hour)


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