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Joe C.
Joe C.

Queens, NY 11374

JC Landscaping & Design: Queens’ Best Landscapers


JC Landscaping and Design Inc. has been serving all areas of Queens since 2002. Our landscape designers and crew have over 20 years of experience, and specialize in water features and custom landscape...

Fifty Three R.
Fifty Three R.

Queens, NY 11101

Restores, reconstructs and rehabilitates historic architectural objects.


Fifty Three Restorations, Inc. offers the services of a staff of experienced craftsmen who combine expert skills with a thoughtful approach to their work. Our key personnel include: Vincent Lepre...

Chris S.
Chris S.

Brooklyn, NY 11204

Designer & Builder of Bespoke Mid Century Modern Furniture & Unique Spaces


Over 10 years experience in the FF&E industry. Well versed in product R&D, fabrication and installation. Residential and commercial projects ranging from one offs to major developments in the northeas...

Katelyn O.
Katelyn O.

New York, NY

New York Boutique Design Firm with with Extensive Experience in Interior Design


We are a boutique design firm in New York, called New York Design Solutions. Our over-all designer is James Calvin III. Being a naturally gifted artist, James has always possessed a great talent a...

Emi Y.
Emi Y.

Brooklyn, NY

Founder and Interior Designer at Abundant Habitat and Feng Shui Abundance Guide


"Welcome to a holistic approach to interior design where beauty + function meet soul + purpose for a curated lifestyle experience. Emi is an Interior Designer + Feng Shui Abundance Guide for those ...

Christelle C.
Christelle C.

New York, NY

Founder and CEO of Big Foot with Experience in Real Estate and Architecture


Right after graduating as an architect from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago she worked with the star architect Helmut Jahn and had the opportunity to work on project designs located in the...

Rihanna S.
Rihanna S.

New York, NY 10010

We make it very easy to work with the best interior designer for any style, budget, and scope.


As one of the nation's leading interior design teams, we are transforming the industry by making luxurious design effortless and accessible. Our world-class interior designers are handpicked from the ...

Howard F.
Howard F.

New York, NY 10001

First impressions are everything. Our policy is when you’re working, we’re working.


History: In 1979 howard k. freilich, a young, energetic entrepreneur, and horticulturalist founded blondie’s treehouse, inc. the company, conceived over 40 years ago as a one-man show, has grown to ...

Taras A.
Taras A.

Queens, NY 11377

True Interiors NY is a fully insured owner operated painting company serving the NY metro area


We take pride in our work from start to finish and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. True Interiors NY is an owner operated company which specializes in quality painting, plastering, renovat...

Mary V.
Mary V.

Brooklyn, NY 11218

You'll love coming home


I founded my interior design company, Olive Design in 1995, having come full circle as a fine artist, textile designer and decorative painter. Count on me to offer out-of-the-box custom solutions for ...

TOP CREATIVE Interior designers IN Queens

Finding affordable help for home services and renovations in [CITY] can prove to be quite difficult. Fortunately, Beepoly’s independent service providers can help out a great deal. Are you considering home repairs, upgrades, or installations? Cut out the middle man and hire from our platform. 

By employing qualified independent service providers at affordable rates, you’ll soon be on your way to finishing the home improvement project of your dreams. Some of the home service specialists you can hire at Beepoly include painters, carpenters, electricians, appliance, phone, and audio & video technicians, interior designers, landscapers, plumbers, handymen, and movers among others.  

Beepoly allows you to browse through the profiles of professionals in [CITY] while providing a peek into the average cost for the home service you are looking to attain in your area. As always, our five-point grading system gives users an idea of the type and quality of services our freelancers offer, as well as provide information on how they performed during their prior services. We understand how home improvement and repairs can be frustrating, so there’s great value in hiring the best contractor available in [CITY] within your budget.

Searching for someone to paint rooms or help with repairs and home improvement in [CITY]? Beepoly's network of independent service providers includes contractors offering top-quality professional contractor services. Whether you need a professional renovation, repair, installation, assembly, construction, or landscaping done, the professionals on Beepoly can get the job done right.

Here are just some of the ways our professional contractors in [CITY] can help you:

•  Conduct small repairs, completely renovate a space, or manage a demolition.
•  Repair and install water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and related appliances and fixtures to keep your home or office running smoothly.
•  Maintain, install, or repair wiring, lighting systems, and electrical control.
•  Home improvement tasks such as remodeling, tiling, and applying other types of flooring.
•  We have a lot of experienced painters who can paint rooms, equipment, bridges, buildings, and structural surfaces using a wide array of tools. 

Take some time to browse through the profiles of some of the local service and repair professionals in your area and hire someone with the budget you set. Beepoly has a large selection of qualified local freelancers in [CITY] for you to choose from. Beepoly’s independent service providers bid competitively, so your project may cost you less than you may think. Our five-point grading system gives users an idea of the type and quality of services an independent service provider may offer, as well as provide information on how they performed their prior services.

Looking for the best interior designers in [CITY]? Beepoly’s team of experienced independent service providers include professional interior designers who can work on your architectural, residential, or commercial project. If you’re designing for feng shui, planning a reconstruction on your home, creating a more functional apartment, or posed for renovation, our interior design experts can work on your budget to get the job done. Our interior designers in [CITY] have versatile skillsets. While some are experienced carpenters, fabricators, and architects, others are creative woodworkers and mold makers. 

Here are just some of the skills our interior designers have: 

•  Coordinate with the client to discuss unique factors involving the project, including purpose, function, architectural preferences, and budget. 
•  Coordinate with a list of professionals to get the job done, including engineers, contractors, architects, and plumbers
•  Subcontract installation, fabrication, arrangement of fixtures, accessories, carpeting, artwork, furniture, draperies, and the like
•  Select or design custom furnishings, accessories, or artworks
•  Estimate the cost for your project and present the design for approval

Browse through the profiles of our interior designers and you’re bound to select one in [CITY] that’s affordable and within your budget. Our independent service providers bid competitively, so your project may be drastically cheaper than what you expect. Our five-point grading system rates users according to how well they performed in their past services, so use this to your advantage! 

Beepoly’s network of independent service providers includes contractors in [CITY] offering top-quality handyman services. Whether you need a professional repair, installation, assembly, construction, or moving project done, you’ll find someone in our team to help you get the job done. Here are just some of the ways our skilled handymen can help you:

•  Our handyman can work within your budget. You’ll find painters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and the like.
•  Get a handyman who can help with your home improvement, including furniture assembly, painting your room, hanging pictures, TV installation, TV mounting, remodeling, renovation, installation of flooring and wall hanging décor, and others.
•  Diagnose your mechanical problems and help find out how to mend them. Our handymen are skilled in checking blueprints, parts catalogs, and repair manuals.
•  Perform routine maintenance on your equipment to inspect belts, drives, and motors. They can replace filters, check fluid levels, and other types of preventive maintenance. 
•  Assemble or install plumbing, replace sinks, or test and treat your water supply.

Browse through the profiles of some of the local service and repair professionals in your area. Beepoly has a large selection of qualified local freelancers who can work within your budget. Since Beepoly’s independent service providers bid competitively, your project may cause you less than you expected. Our five-point grading system gives users an idea of the type and quality of services any particular independent service provider may offer, as well as provide information on how they performed in their past services.

Looking for garden help in [CITY]? Beepoly offers a long list of contractors skilled in urban landscaping, garden design, and yard work for all your home and commercial needs. Not at all handy with the horticultural? Maintaining a yard and keeping your trees and plants looking their best can be challenging, especially when you’ve got your hands full with other work. Leave it to our skilled landscapers in [CITY] to keep your outdoors consistently groomed. Here is just some of what our landscapers can do for you:

• Water trees, plants, and lawns using hoses, watering cans, or portable sprinkler systems. Our landscapers can plan out your irrigation too.
• Spray and apply herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides on trees, grass, and shrubs.
• Operate powered equipment such as tractors, chain-saws, snow blowers, mowers, pruning saws, and tractors.
• Trim and prune hedges and trees using pruners, chain saws, or shears.
• Plan or cultivate your nursery.
• Follow and implement your landscape design to determine where to lay plants, flowers, or grass.
• Decorate your garden with stones and other decorative materials.
• Give advice on plant care and selection.

We have a large selection of qualified freelancers in [CITY] who can help you achieve your landscaping goals. Check out their credentials and hire based on our five-point grading system to measure their past work performance. Beepoly offers you the best way to hire professionals who meet your budget in your area.

Looking for efficient movers in [CITY]? Our experienced moving professionals can assist residential or commercial property owners in their relocating initiatives. We understand how moving can be a physically demanding job, especially when the moving requires traveling to long distances. Beepoly’s independent service providers include a team of professional movers can help prepare, load, and unload cargo efficiently with a moving truck, so all you need to worry about is settling in on your new location. Here’s how you can put our professional movers in [CITY] to work: 

• Prepare and pack your items to avoid damage during relocating. This might include taking furniture apart, wrapping them up in safety wrap, and using cardboard sheets or straps on hefty items.
• Use ramps or dollies to load your furniture or storage equipment from your location to the moving truck. Your items are arranged properly to prevent them from getting damaged or tipping over. At the destination, the items are unloaded and placed on your specified location. 
• Keep track of your items to make sure nothing gets lost, damaged, or left behind. 
• Answer your unique requests about how you want your items packed, loaded, and unloaded. 
• Perform cleaning tasks on your previous site and general vehicle maintenance on their moving trucks.

When looking for movers, focus on freelancers with a good attention to details and great knowledge of loading, packaging, and unloading. Physical ability, customer service, organizational skills, and communication skills are also important qualities to look for. With our 5-point grading system, you can see how our movers performed in their past jobs. This will help you look for the best service provider in [CITY] that fits your budget.