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    Top Household providers in Mount Vernon offering homecare, cooking, pet and cleaning services

    Beepoly’s network of independent service providers in Mount Vernon includes contractors offering different forms of household assistance. Whatever your household needs may be, there are freelancers waiting to help you. Some of the contractors you can hire for household assistance include cleaners, personal chefs, dog walkers and trainers, baby sitters, elderly assistance, and personal shoppers. 

    Take some time to browse through the profiles of the homecare and housekeeping professionals in Mount Vernon. Need house cleaning? Beepoly has a large selection of qualified local freelancers for you to choose from. 

    Our independent service providers bid competitively, so it may cost you less than you may think to hire some help around the house. Also, our five-point grading system offers users an idea of the type and quality of services any particular independent service provider may offer, as well as information on how they performed in their prior services.

    Looking for garden help in Mount Vernon? Beepoly offers a long list of contractors skilled in urban landscaping, garden design, and yard work for all your home and commercial needs. Not at all handy with the horticultural? Maintaining a yard and keeping your trees and plants looking their best can be challenging, especially when you’ve got your hands full with other work. Leave it to our skilled landscapers in Mount Vernon to keep your outdoors consistently groomed. Here is just some of what our landscapers can do for you:

    •  Water trees, plants, and lawns using hoses, watering cans, or portable sprinkler systems. Our landscapers can plan out your irrigation too. 
    • Spray and apply herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides on trees, grass, and shrubs .
    • Operate powered equipment such as tractors, chain-saws, snow blowers, mowers, pruning saws, and tractors.
    • Trim and prune hedges and trees using pruners, chain saws, or shears.
    • Plan or cultivate your nursery.
    • Follow and implement your landscape design to determine where to lay plants, flowers, or grass.
    • Decorate your garden with stones and other decorative materials.
    • Give advice on plant care and selection.

    We have a large selection of qualified freelancers in Mount Vernon who can help you achieve your landscaping goals. Check out their credentials and hire based on our five-point grading system to measure their past work performance. Beepoly offers you the best way to hire professionals who meet your budget in your area.