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    Top Creative and Events providers in Dallas of photography, event planning, copywriting, performance, design services

    From stylists and event planners to personal assistants and artists, creative professionals in Dallas are always seeking local freelance jobs. Beepoly provides a space for people seeking local temporary jobs in the creative field. Browse through our creative freelancers and hire professional actors, musicians and instrumentalists, film producers, photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, and event planners.

    A major hurdle for many freelancers in the creative services and events field is most commonly finding a client base. Beepoly provides an outlet for creative professionals in Dallas looking to build their customer base, as well as providing a space for employers seeking professional creative services and event planning. 

    While most creative professionals allow their work to speak for itself, Beepoly’s five-point grading system gives users an idea of the type and quality of services any particular independent service provider may offer, as well as provide information on how they performed in their previous services.

    Looking for talented event planners and hosts in Dallas? Beepoly’s professional independent service includes experienced event planners skilled in event coordination and management. We also have a great selection of hosts who can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere at your wedding reception, art gallery, restaurant, trade show, or conference. If you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, bridal shower, or company launch, our team of event planners and hosts offer the best services for top value. From small gigs to big projects, our freelancers are ready to offer a helping hand. Here how you can put our event planners in Dallas to work:


    • Organize the registration of your event participants.
    • Monitor all event activities to ensure the satisfaction of your attendees while being prepared should problems arise.
    • Coordinate transportation and accommodation for your participants and manage catering, displays, facilities, signages, requirements for special needs, event security, and signages.
    • Review event expenses and approve payment.
    • Select and evaluate service providers according to your requirements.


    • Interact with your guests to make them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.
    • Assist staff with setting up decorations, food and beverage preparation, and furniture.
    • Facilitate food service to make sure catering goes smoothly.
    • Show attendees to their place and solve issues that may arise.

    Beepoly’s five-point grading system rates a freelancer’s past jobs, so you can select the best local provider who can offer the best value for your budget. From casual events to luxury conferences, our versatile independent service providers in Dallas can offer the management you need. No need to ask, “Where can I find the best event planner or host near me?” Beepoly has you covered.

    Looking for a musician or performer to liven up your events in Dallas? Beepoly's independent service providers include talented musicians who can perform at your party, festival, dinner, or company event. We have a talented collection of jazz artists, acoustic artists, DJs, drummers, singers, composers, songwriters, and various instrumentalists who can amp up the audio at your event. From performing music for live audiences to helping out behind the scenes at recording studios, here are some of the services our experts in Dallas can do for you:

    •  Perform music for recordings or live audiences, with or without an accompanying production, such as bands or dancers.
    •  Perform at concerts, festivals, theaters, and other music venues.
    •  Set up or tune instruments or other equipment for accurate sound.
    •  Perform music with guitar, piano, clarinet, cello, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, harp, organ, drums, flute, and other types of musical instruments.
    •  Work with a producer to compose songs or music for entertainment.
    •  Compose, arrange, and/or write songs or jingles for your brand.

    Beepoly's five-point grading system provides insight on a freelancer’s past performance, so you can find the best musician in Dallas who fits your budget. Our professional independent contractors bid competitively for your project, so your project may be drastically cheaper than what you expect! 

    Want creative photography or video for your family, personal or business needs in Dallas? Beepoly's network of independent service providers includes top photographers that can provide just the right photography services for your wedding, engagement, proposal, birdal party, corporate or media event, school, birthday, anniversary, modeling portfolio, fashion, headshot, portrait or family photography. Family portraits, wedding and school photos are something you can treasure forever, while every professional needs access to good commercial photos and headshots. Beepoly’s network of independent contractors offer all of the creative, commercial, fashion video and photo services you need. Whether you’re looking for an experienced photographer for a school, corporate, media, portfolio, wedding, another family event or commercial digital photography services to really make your business stand out, you’ll find Dallas photographers you need through Beepoly.

    Ever think, there can’t possibly be a top-quality digital photographer or videographer near me in Dallas? Take some time to browse through the profiles of the creative digital photographers offering commercial and family photography. Beepoly has a large selection of qualified local freelancers for you to choose from, and our five-point grading system gives users critical information on how service providers performed for clients in the last. Next time you’re throwing a wedding, party, birthday, corporate or media event, anniversary, or anything else you’d want to have photos or a video for, check out the freelance and professional photographers and videographers on Beepoly.