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6 Reasons Why Hiring From Beepoly Saves You More Than Money

September 30, 2019
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The time when you need to rush to the yellow pages to get something done has been dead for years. Let’s face it. Today, anyone who needs just about anything can quickly use their phones and find help.

Sure, Google can easily point you in the right direction. If you’re the typical customer, you would most likely consider services at the top of the search results. These service providers probably bagged prime search engine rankings because they’re stellar performers. Technically, it makes complete sense. But it’s not always the case.

Two words: paid ads.

If you’re really into finding the perfect worker for a task, you’ll most likely spend days trying to hire one. You’ll post a job on craigslist, check people’s profiles, and schedule an interview until you find yourself a winner. And that’s a roll of a dice if you ask me.

Now, imagine a platform and a team dedicated to making the job of hiring considerably easier. Imagine having all the help you need for every task you need doing at low costs, and with full confidence that you’re hiring an exceptional worker.

Imagine a service like Beepoly.

Beepoly helps you find the right independent provider while helping you save more than just money. Here’s how:


We keep it simple and keep costs to a minimum

Unlike any other company, we love it when things are easy. We simply connect you to an independent provider and you can work things out from there.

Paid ads and overhead costs are not our thing. offers real people providing real solutions without being tied with corporate policies. Have you ever needed something done at home and got slapped with a job order instead? I guess we’ve all been there. Big companies use people they call “employees” disguised as brands, which lead us to think that they’re “experts”. We, on the other hand, have human beings with hands-on experience in their craft, minus the company ties. We’re simply not a fan of limited service.


Help me, help you!

If you’re familiar with this famous pop-culture reference, then you should know what we are all about. And that’s the little guys. We try to make a difference one client at a time and one community at a time. When you hire an Independent Provider from us, we connect you with someone local, thus helping your community overall. This is what sets us apart from most multi-billion dollar companies. While other people prefer putting money on companies that are already rich, we give opportunities to aspiring and established freelancers. Those who are flexible, creative, and are willing to go above and beyond for a customer.


Our Independent Providers offer flexibility like no other employee can

While our Independent Providers are not bound by any corporate ties, they may be willing to be at your doorstep during weekends or holidays depending on the arrangement. We love working with people who are not limited to providing weekday service. This also includes working on tasks on slightly irregular hours, as opposed to other corporations.

Some IP’s may be open to a more flexible payment schedule. IP’s have more leeway in everything they do simply because they don’t have corporate policies to abide by. They know that satisfying the customer is the first rule of any business, so if they can do something to make a customer happy, a job order will not be there to limit them to do so.


Our Independent Providers surpass expectations

As we strive to provide nothing but the best experience, we found it hard to believe why big-name corporations lack in this area. We decided to capitalize on that. You’ll find that our freelancers are more creative and will present you with more out-of-the-box ideas than corporate identities. We don’t adhere to corporate policies let alone a corporate approval committee as this will surely kill creative thinkers. Our Independent Providers are simple people who have creative skills they’re willing to share and can be your thought partner.


Ranking system

When you hire through, our system of reviews and referrals can give you the confidence that you’re dealing with a person with integrity. This also plays a big part in their willingness to deliver quality work. The higher the rank, the more likely they’ll be hired again. Our goal is to ensure your experience is always at its best. And we won’t stop here!






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